Buying & Selling cameras

At the start of the year I re-entered the D-SLR world with a Canon 6D (omg full frame!) and thought this was what I needed to reinvigorate my photo taking.  As it turns out, I was wrong.  Funnily enough, all the reasons that made me leave that world last time… were still there.  The D-SLR format is just too large for me, and I am not compelled to keep that kind of camera with me – and I didn’t enjoy carrying it or using it.

I listed my camera and lenses on gumtree, and started researching the current Fujifilm line so I could upgrade from my much loved X-E1.  In a crazy twist of timing and fate, I lost out on 2 buyers before finally selling it last weekend – and in doing so, delayed long enough to read that the X-E3 has just been announced and will be available later this month.  Had I sold my camera 2 days earlier, I would have bought a different model Fuji and been so mad when I realised!!

I’m also hoping to score this lens when it comes out later this year (but I also need a money tree):

Mirrorless is definitely where it’s at for me, and Fujifilm have definitely won me over.  I’ve had my X-E1 since 2012, having previously had Panasonic and Olympus micro four thirds cameras.  My favourite feature is definitely the manual control dials for shutter speed, etc, that was what led me to them initially – plus the X-Trans sensor sounds pretty cool.  And I love the prime lens lineup – they are my perfect camera!  So super excited to get the new one when it’s out and finally get an upgrade on the best camera I’ve owned!

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