Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC


It’s been a week or two since Adobe released their new Lightroom CC, and re-badged the original Lightroom as Classic.  I’ve played with the new one, and I like it a bit, but I can’t for the life of me decide which one to use going forward.  So I’m going to nut this out and see if I can make a decision!

Lightroom Classic


  • Fully featured
  • Continue my current workflow / catalog system


  • Cluttered interface
  • Don’t use half the features
  • Catalog takes up heaps of space, can only keep the last year of photos on my computer (the rest are on a NAS)

Lightroom CC


  • Modern, streamlined interface with large images
  • Cloud – keep all photos in the cloud, is another backup, can have all my photos available
  • Auto library management
  • Image searching
  • Can edit on the iPad


  • Cloud – so much uploading, will all my stuff fit in 1TB (I don’t want to pay for more)
  • Auto library management – I like having my own system
  • Features missing (may be updated in future?) such as camera profiles, the ability to distinguish between the RAW and JPEG, and doesn’t seem to bulk edit very easily

I’m not even sure if Photoshop CC is meant for users like me, or if it’s just meant for mobile phone pics like Apple Photos?  So many questions!

This hasn’t helped at all… I think I’m just too curious about the Cloud version not to try it.  I love new things, and I will always wonder if I don’t switch to it!

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