Monster Jam

I had entirely the wrong lens for this event (I don’t actually have any tele/zoom lenses) and we were sitting in the nosebleed section, but I’m still pretty happy with the crops on these photos!  Grave Digger was our fave 🙂

Family // Fuji X-E3

I finally got my new camera!  The Fujifilm X-E3 was released this week, and my pre-order came in on Wednesday – yay!  It’s almost exactly the same as my old camera (X-E1) and has all the things I loved about it, but it’s newer, faster, better sensor, touchscreen, and updated in every way – as…

Dog walk in Teneriffe

This morning I went for a dog walk in Teneriffe with a friend.  The crane index is still very high in this area as more and more apartments are going up!  And yet there are still old beauties such as the Woolstores buildings.. which are now also apartments 😛

A Day in Brisbane

A couple of weeks ago my friend took a day off work so we could have a bit of a photography day together.  Starting with breakfast in New Farm, we then walked along the river into the city and through to the Botanic Gardens chatting and taking pictures of random things.  I’m pretty sure we…

Walkabout Creek

We visited Walkabout Creek last week, it’s a little nature reserve with some native animals that the kids loved seeing.  It’s north-west of Brisbane, just past The Gap, and it’s so wonderful to have this kind of nature for our little city kids to play in.

Local adventure

Ever since I got my new lens a couple of days ago the weather has been super miserable. Not always actually raining, but always grey and overcast and drizzle.  Wonderful! This morning it cleared up long enough to take the dog for a walk and take some test photos of flowers and things just to…